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I thought I was writing a fantasy-turned-dieselpunk but now there’s killsat!?

would having a killsat mean it’s not even diesel punk anymore

what am I writing

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do we know anything about Keisuke’s sister?

I think all we know about her comes out of the Devil Survivor art book.  -cracks open art book-

"Midori gets a little carried away after getting her hands on a COMP and fancying herself a real superhero.  Keisuke is willing to jump in when Midori is in danger, and risks everything to save her.  The reason Keisuke is able to put everything on the line for Midori is because he sees a bit of his younger sister in her.  After Keisuke withdrew into his own world due to the bullying he suffered, his younger sister was he one who gave him the strength to hang on.  Midori is the same age as Keisuke’s sister, so he can’t help but see her as someone he has a duty to protect."


so, hm… so keisuke is also a siblingcon like naoya?

I mean, while naoya is the reincarnation of cain, protag wasn’t a total reincarnation, merely carrying abel’s essence and be the same soul that reincarnated to cain’s side through all the ages, but that was enough for naoya to go protective older brother mode whenever there is something he thinks protag can’t handle

and keisuke got protective of midori because she’s like his sister

that’s like

one more shipping potential point because one more common point they could bond over

I’m not sure sure how much of this I’m going to include in my fic because it’s already planned but I’ll see if I can sneak in an extra chapter

imagine a siblingcon syndicate

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Shoved a paper towel into my mouth to quell the bleeding.  I look like a jackass.  I feel like a jackass.  Everyone is ashamed of me after I almost broke down in the middle of my brother’s school.  Someone I guess I was supposed to know asked me what I was doing these days, and before I could say anything my mom answered for me.  ”Absolutely nothing.”  

Paper towel is all bloody already.  This really hurts.  I didn’t know it was possible for a stray bite to completely kill a person’s cheek.

you know, a lot of things we do tend to be overlooked because parents aren’t aware

see the last time they said that I was doing absolutely nothing at home I stopped doing housechores for a few days and they wondered why the heck are dirty clothes piling up and rooms aren’t clean and they don’t have clean clothes to wear for work anymore

who did they think fucking cleaned them in the past? fairies? a house this size takes an entire day to clean if a person does it alone

I also gleefully told my mom that I wrote over 40k words in my novel, waited for about two days, then gleefully told her that I deleted them 

and she couldn’t understand why at all

and she kept complaining that my novel wasn’t coming out but did she think that it would just pop out without me sitting there with a dictionary and encyclopedia and other sources and type for hours and did she think that just writing like that would immediately be good?

and the bite thing, it could be that you are lacking in protein/vitamin e/something like that, something soluble in lipid or stuff, which makes your flesh and skin easier to break

take care and keep surviving

for one I think you are brave to draw and open commissions, I never seem to get enough motivation to pick up drawing again and I should

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fuck this story was supposed to be in an epic mythological setting but now it’s diesel punk where did I take a wrong turn

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If you’re a writer and you see this post, stop what you’re doing.



Just one sentence. Stop blogging for one minute and write a single sentence. It could be dialogue, it could be a nice description of scenery, it could be a metaphor, I don’t care. The point is, do it. Then, when you finish, you can get back to blogging.

If this gets viral, you might just have your novel finished by next Tuesday.

“And, before I start on the important part, the Ilim culture does encourage killing as the best solution, hence the reputation of a country of war-happy murderers. What I am about to tell you will be important enough that they will kill you for knowing. It will cost you to hear them, and even more to remember them. Should this information spread, it will be Titanomachia. Now, how many want to hear this? The starting bid is a Taulium bike battery. Auction starts now.”

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